Kate Locksley is a singer of folk songs, broadsides, and other historical music. She is the alto(ish) in The Teacups, a vibrant vocal quartet based in Newcastle upon Tyne, where she studied Folk and Traditional Music as an undergraduate, and has recently completed a Masters degree based around the study of social protest in broadside ballads. Kate has also performed with an all-female unaccompained trio, Wychwood, and was the voice amongst the fiddle and guitar of Kev Lees and Dave Wood, in Night Fall until late 2018. She also occasionally performs solo, feeling that unaccompanied singing is both the ultimate vulnerability and a source of enormous strength.

Growing in confidence during her studies at Newcastle, Kate has sung at venues of all shapes and sizes, from a flooded basement, to a dimly lit underground tunnel, to folk clubs and festivals up and down the country, to Hall One at Sage Gateshead. She will usually sing anything you like, anywhere you like, if you ask her nicely.


April 2020It's finally getting closer... The Teacups' new album, 'In Which...' is almost here, and will be as soon as the global pandemic passes and we're able to get the thing manufactured! Check out the new trailer... be sure to watch right to the end, for an Alex classic moment:

March 2020It's been a really quiet 2019 for me, as you can tell, given the gap since my last news post! But I'm back to tell you that, as if you couldn't work it out for yourselves(!) the vast majority of the gigs that were in the pipeline for this year have been cancelled. So far, it looks a bit depressing, but there's an updated list below for you, in the gigs section. Hope to see you somewhere down the road!


August 2018: We’re really sad to let you know that now our 2018 gigs are done, my band Night Fall are going our separate ways. We love working together, we’re really proud of our music and we’re really pleased with what we’ve achieved, but the logistics of being geographically widespread, and being pulled in various directions by other commitments has proven to be a little too much for us to continue at a pace that we’d like.

We're out of CDs, BUT you can still purchase mp3s at https://nightfallfolk.bandcamp.com/releases 

You can also scroll down a little to see some videos of the band from 2017. We really, *really* appreciate all of the love, encouragement and support you have all shown us over the past couple of years. It means a huge amount to us, so thank you very much!

November 2018: **NEWSFLASH**: The Teacups are crowdfunding for their third album. Visit https://tinyurl.com/teacupsthird before Friday 7th December 2018 to see what rewards are on offer!

2017: Kate's most recent project, The Theatre Ballads, a project to translate traditional folk ballads into theatre, has been chosen as the winner of a competitive commissioning process by the English Folk Dance and Song Society (EFDSS) through funding from the PRS for Music Foundation’s Talent Development Partner scheme. READ MORE!**



This list will be updated as and when more bookings are confirmed. If you'd like to talk about a booking, please get in touch via the email address at the bottom of this page.


4th Jan - Marton-cum-Grafton Village Hall - Kate Locksley & Rupert Hughesh 29th Feb - Bobiks - Kate Locksley & Rupert Hughes
28th Mar - The Plough, Mitford - Kate Locksley & Rupert Hughes - CANCELLED
3rd Apr - The Station East - Kate Locksley & Rupert Hughes - CANCELLED
21st Apr - Dartford Folk Club - The Teacups - CANCELLED
1st May - Black Diamond Folk Club - The Teacups - CANCELLED
2nd May - House Concert - The Teacups - CANCELLED
4th May - Glenfarg Folk Club - The Teacups - CANCELLED
14th May - House Concert - The Teacups - CANCELLED
15th May - Deal Folk Club - The Teacups - CANCELLED
16th May - The Cellar Upstairs - The Teacups - CANCELLED
13th - Jun Gower Folk Festival - The Teacups Trio - CANCELLED
4th Sep - Sedgefield Folk Festival - The Teacups Trio - CANCELLED
5th Sep - Sedgefield Folk Festival - Kate Locksley & Rupert Hughes - CANCELLED
8th Nov - South Shields Folk Club - Kate Locksley & Rupert Hughes



Kate Locksley

Night Fall

The Teacups

More sample tracks from The Teacups and Night Fall, as well as unaccompanied solo tracks are available to listen to for free at https://soundcloud.com/kate-locksley.